Hi Carly and Claire it’s Lon it’s been awhile how have you all been hope everything has been good we need to meet up soon for a drink also just letting you know no other HND have received any of their graduation photos is it possible if you could try and find out what happened to them because we are in the dark on it.

it would be much appreciated and if you could contact us back as soon as possible much appreciated like eyepoint out before we all need to meet up for a drink as well

Sincerely Lon pay

Apologies for any inconvenience! I posted my Overall to the wrong site and have only just realised!! I have just re-blogged it, but just so you know, I have done my over all!!


HND Company,

Your tutorial times are as follows:

2pm Stephen
2.15pm James
2.30pm Lon
2.45pm Connor
3pm Rhys
3.15pm Amy
3.30pm Emilia
3.45pm Ria
4pm Kendall

See you then!

To whomever it concerns,

I’m having trouble uploading my overal to site at the monent. I am going to keep trying, but in case you were wondering where it was this is why.

Hi Stage Jam,

I am a little concerned that there have been no posts put up about your debrief. Please could you link your video recording and minutes to the company site ASAP for marking and assessment.

Thank you.